Thursday, July 24, 2008

Still Sick

Last night i woke with the sweats, i was soking!! Twice that happened and then this morning i woke with the barking cough..... i think its gone to my chest now!!!

It hurts so much to cough, its like it just rips my throat on the inside, all the way up!!!

Anyway, enough of that... I sound like my grandmother.... "deary im so sick today"... notice the croaky old persons voice... "go get me my bed pan"....

Anyway, thought id do a quick bit of scrapping last night, so did another page for my celebrate 2008 book.
This ones theme was: What made you laugh till you cried.... Well just look at the pictures,,, that says it all!! Karioki at my 40th! Hilarious!!

We went to Narrabri and visited the rels... most of whom were at the cemetary!!!!
This is my Nans Mum and Dad.. I never knew her name, so this was good to find out!!
These guys were some Heagney relation, I think Ivys parents???? So my great great great grandparents...
This was my Pops Mum and Dad... Look his dad died at 30. Apparently he commited suiside... so sad as he had 4 lovely little boys and his wife was a highly regarded musician.
So there was a bit of family history... Ive done a heritage album, so i can add those now...

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