Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Couple of Horsey Days

They have had a show jumping school the last two days. Emelia took Cimmi down and had a lovely time.
Only very small jumps... shes in F troop (The lowest of the rider classes....) But shes only been going for about a month now... so you really cant expect anything else...

Here she is......

Check out the kangaroos in the paddock!!! Heaps of them!!!
Now the weight loss thingy!!!
Ive given up the scales.. this week anyway!! But my clothes are getting losser now.. And i am walking up porky most nights! They are all steps in the right direction!!
Hows everyone else going??


kerry said...

Emilia seems to be getting a lot more confident good on her.Weight thing mmmmmmmmmm its still there lol.take care Kerryxx

Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi,
Cimmi and Emilia are doing great together, well I have been to the blue mountains 2 days in a row, not much sleep between them days, seen snow yesterday morning deep down in a gully, and frost both mornings, it was very foggy, but not really really cold. Well its rest time now and I have my nephews 12 & 13 till Saturday morning, I took them ice skating last night, it was quite funny watching them, Kosmo will post photos later on, on his blog when he writes about it.

Joanne's Blog said...

Congrat on your loose clothes mine are still tight.


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