Friday, July 25, 2008

No talkies today.....


I dont have a voice today.... its gotton worsa and worsa as the day has gone on... Now i have a sqeak....

Emelia thinks its hilarious!!

I find it frustrating!!
Especially when i answer the phone... "Squeeking.... Hello, Back to Balloons Jodi Speaking"... who is it they say.... Its jodi.... I ahve no voice......

Then they proceed to want to have a conversation!!! Like that aint gonna happen today!!! LOL

Anyway, last night i was playing with a new kit from Ruby Street Designs... Its alot of vintage kinda products.. Ive been wanting to play with one of these kits for a while now..

This one is "Bejewel'd" Is about aspirations to be like my Nan as far as elegant presentation and feminity.... The photo is a glamour photo of me... 1995

Yesterday was the last assesment my son had to do for school!!! Hes done now all except the HSC!!
He was so pleased!!
I told him, ok let me take a photo to commmorate...
These are what he gave me... Damn child!! I have nothing decent of this kid!! Come his 21st birthday i am going to have nothing!!! GRRRR

WE have the picking of the ear!!!

The pulling of the face...
And the cuddling of sister.... which is about as good as i was gonna get... DS is happy this week......... But he has discovered the very addictive game "Warcraft"!!! Oh no!! This kid does way to many hours on the ebox now... we dont need THAT too!! The kid will never do anything!!!

*Sqeeking* So thats me... seeya tomorrow

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