Wednesday, July 30, 2008

AHHHHH!!!!!!! Finally!!!!

Anyone who knows me at all, will know the utter frustration i have had with having layouts accepted for publishing!!!
I get rejection after rejection!!!!
I will do a layout up especially for a theme and have it rejected!! All the time!!

But guess what!!!!

I had two layouts accepted today!!! Two in one day!!! One from SM and the other from SC!!!!
Im so excited.. Both double layouts and both done using my own style, not experimenting with the many other styles i have experimented with to get accepted!!!

How exciting!! Yippee!!!

SC is issue 62 in the Black & White Gallery
SM in the encore gallery!!!
How exciting!!!

Oh and also.... I just rememered!! Guess what photo is featured on one of the layouts!! The sausage queen photo!! hahahah Hilarious!!! National Magazine will see me in my pjs with no hair and makeup done holding up a sausage!! Too funny!! GOod on you Kerry for that Dare!!


Jackie said...

BIG CONGRATS JODI, you deserve it...all your hard work has finally paid off..Well done you !!

Lisa A said...

Congratulations Jodi, way to go, what is the name of the local rag up your way and I will call them and get them to mention it LOL

Joanne's Blog said...

congrats Jodie, Cant wait to the mag comes out, well done!!

Julie said...



kerry said...

That is too funny sausage queen pmsl.So happy for you Jodi i knew it wouldnt be long looking forward to seeing it in the mag.take care Kerry xx


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