Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One of those days

Do you have those days where everything pisses you off???
I got woken up this morning by my son, who i continually tell to shut the shed door when he leaves on his motorke of a morning. (We have lots of breakins from sheds in our area). He left it open again, so i had to go out to shut the shed to find my DD didnt take out the recycle bin...
Cleaning day which always makes me cranky as its a contant reminder of how Small this house is and how much we dont fit in it anymore...
Trying to get the vaccume of out the office cupboard is always a struggle as it office is full to the brim and with end of financial year there are boxes and folders everywhere to trip over!!!!

Then the whole weight loss delima. Last year i had to go to the gym as the night walks just werent gonna happen. "Dont pay membership - we'll get our own stuff", hasnt happened!!!
So now i dont go to the gym, dont walk and dont have my own equipment and am now friggin 20 kilos over what i originally lost!!!! I am so cranky about it!!!

I just get so angry you know!!! You kinda just ignore it, ignore it, ignore it and then you have those days when it all comes flooding back and it makes me bloody cranky!!!

I know at the end of the day the wieght loss thing is up to me, im the only one that can do it. Thats probably the most frustrating thing!!!!

So thats my gripe for the day. I know, I usually keep my blog upbeat and happy, but i just cant even pretend it today.... Im just really really over it you know!!!

Here is a layout i did using the scraparooney kit this month. I took the basic sketch from one of Brendas layouts and kept it really simple. I did have flowers and 3D effects on it, but ended up juwst going back to simple. Its a simple kinda photo.....

So thats me...


Tracey said...

Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Love your LO

Lisa A said...

Hey There,
Love your LO, It must have been mad Tuesday yesterday, because I had the same type of day you had yesterday myself.

Joanne's Blog said...

Just hang in there I had a cranky day yesterday as well. Due to the very cold and wet weather we've been house bound, and my middle son was home sick, he touches things, moves them where you can't find them, doesnt put anything back, grrrrrr.
As for my diet don't ask.lol
Love your layout just love pink paislee.


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