Friday, July 4, 2008


Theres one particular kid in Year 12 this year, who has always been the jokster....
This bike belongs to one of the Year 12 kids and its been parked around the corner of our place for about 4 days now, as the kids have been away in Newcastle at the Uni, so he is staying in town with mates.
Everytime i have driven past i keep thinking to myself.. "We should hide his bike" but being the responsible "Parent", i didnt think i should..
Anyway the "Jokester" came around today and driving past this kids bike thought they should play a joke oh him...
This is the result..... All very innoscent...

Also, my excitment this week is my name in print..... Here is the article i sent into Scrapbook Memories.... but unfortunately, they are now forgiven for not including my layout with it..
Here is a layout i did doing a Kim Archer Class. Its taken a week to do this!!!
It opens to reveal more detail...

Cute hey???
So theres my day... very boring now with no daily photo.... :(

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Joanne's Blog said...

Hi, I'm so suprised that the bike was left for out for that long with out something happening to it.
That is such a gorgeous layout I just love everything about it so very pretty.


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