Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pony Club Rally Day

Off we went to the Pony Club Rally Day. Emelia was up really early and went and checked the horses... as Sweeny (Mat's Horse) had a sleep over last night..
Here they are lined up and ready to get into their troop groups.

Emelia was placed in with young kids, like 7 - 10 years young as she is only learning, but she really enjoyed it. Here she is doing dressage which she has decided she likes doing!!This is the "Rider in Action" You have to open a gate, walk through and close again, jump over some drums and then roll a tire up and back...
And here is Mat in action..... He is doing.. whats it called.... ummm... the raquet and throwing that they all do..... I cant think of it, but thats what he is doing!! LOL
We are all so tired tonight, my face and lips are burnt... ready for a shower and bed!! Gotta wash my hair thats for sure...its so dusty!!!


Anonymous said...

Great pics Jodi. I think the word you are looking for as to what Mat is doing is polocrosse

Lisa A said...

Go Amelia, you are doing so well with Mr Horsey.
I might be up your way soon Miss jodi.

kerry said...

Great job with the horse Emelia.I have tagged you Jodi come and see.take care Kerry xx


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