Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yesterdays Rebelliousness

Well, while the cat is away, the mouse will play!!
Josh & Stu took the bikes across to POrt Macquarie yesterday,
so guess what the first thing i did was...
I bought some flowers!!!
I know, how rebellious am i???
You see, i cant have some fresh flowers inside (Especially the really beautiful fragrant ones) as Stu gets headaches from the smell....yarda yarda yarda...
SO I rushed out and bought two bunches for daffodil day and they are sitting brightly on my dining room table...
Arnt they lovely!!!
Then I cleaned my corner of the office...
Yes, beleive it or not, this is where i scrap and do all my paperword for the business!!!
And by the way, this is the "After" photo!!
Imagine what it was like "Before"!!!
Then i went and saw Hanna Montana with Emelia!!
Well, not actually with Emelia as she went with friends for a birthday party, I had to sit away from them!! But a lovely older couple sat next to me and it was so hilarious listening to this old guy get so much enjoyment out of a Disney Movie!!
Ever been in a theatre watching a movie, and theres lots of singing, and you literally get surround sound?? Meaning all the young girls in the theatre were singing along to all the songs in this movie!! Out loud!!! It was awesome!!!
And then when the movie was finished there was loud applause!!
This didnt happen in Harry Potter or Twilight, those big movies this year...
But it did in Hannah Montana!!
Great movie!!!

Then I scrapped!!!
I love this layout.
Its from Beggahuna Sketches (I love her work)
"Young Love"
Dontcha just love these Websters Pages!! Awesome Product!!
Then i caught up on a long overdue double layout
February in review....
Using a sketch from Pip Prossers layouts.
Anyway, plans for tonight have been dashed as the boys are coming home!!!
The party i planned will have to be cancelled!!! :(
But I suppose i can always to the wifely thing and iron the six baskets i have to do! Grr

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