Monday, August 10, 2009

Another very full Weekend

We had another very full weekend this weekend....
You saw all the scrapping I got done in my last post,
but ontop of those layouts, i also did another five for an upcoming Kit Release!!

Then we had the weekend sport....
Netball on Saturday!!!
They Won!! Yay!!

Here is Court and Emelia.. They will kill me when they see this photo!!!
They look like they are dancing some kinda jig to me???
And Emelia in action
Then we headed out to Kylies place.
Kylie is so generous. They are into Barrel Racing, and they have generously offered to help Emelia get in condition for the Open Ladies Barrel Race for Ag-Quip Rodoe...
After just trotting the barrels for the last however many months, to galloping them at break neck speed.... well, there is alot of practice going on isnt there!!
Kylie and her hubby have built an arena the size of a football field!
Full of all the events.
They have the Barrels set up properly complete with an actual starting box.
All the cones are in place so they know how close the get to the barrel without knocking them coming out..

Here is Kylie in action
Its gonna take a bit of practise, but hopefully by Ag-Quip Emelia will have the confidence to give it a good go and enjoy herself!!
Its been a brilliant goal for her to have. Has kept her positive and excited for months!!
And also making her step outside her comfort zone a bit and becoming a much more confident rider at the same time!!!
Then of course, they had to have a play with a few jumps that are set up..
Here they are... Horse and Rider. Both Tiny!!

Look at these two handsome men!!!
My brother Gary and Zane!!
Its so totally hilarious that they have the same look on their face!!
"Whos your daddy?"

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