Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bit of a catch up............

A few things happened last week when i was off line due to ag-quip,
so i thought id better do a bit of a catchup post....

You know our Cimmi
Well, we had a HUGE scare with her last week.
Shes about 31-32 now, and shes been slowing down a bit
She didnt look really well last week,
we came home and found her really strange... not concerned about her food, and just standing while we showed her effection (Usually she runs off to the food shed)
and then she went down and couldnt get up again...
We were so scared
Emelia was bawling!! So sad!!
So we cleaned her up a bit expecting the worst
We didnt want her going off to horsey heaven with a mane and tail full of burns...
so we pulled all her burs out and gave her a good brush..
if we lost her overnight, at least she would look good!!
We rang her owner and told her about it, and she was proned to think she wouldnt last the
SO we came home and went to bed.
The next mornign we flew down to the paddock to see what had happened
and she was as good as gold!!!
Oh my goodness she gave us a scare!!
But shes still going well and running around just thinking about her stomach all the time!!!
Here is a photo on the night we though we might lose her.

Me tree
You may recall my tree from my 365 days of Me photos......
such as
and this one

and this one

but look at my tree now....

When stu planted it in 2000, it was close to the sewerage system and we knew that in time it might start to cause some blockages....
well, there have been many blockages and its now time for it to go.
Stu poisened it and has cut all the branches off...
He will get Steve around with his bob cat and pull it out...
So sad, and so bright in the kitchen now its gone!
But the other trees will soon fill the gap!!

The clown............!!!!
The local Rugby CLub booked me in to do the clown thing for them last weekend...
They were also after face painters..
So Emelia and Teagan headed down to Rugby Park with charis and paints
and painted faces for nearly 3 hours!!!!!

Here are some of the results....
You may recognise this child from such blogs as
"Its all relative"
Its Brenda's Meagan!!!
Mum wouldnt let her have the teeth for the rabbit face!!! lol

So thats a bit of catch up....
Seeya soon!

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

Cimmi was just playing tricks with you...thats what Kosmo says anyway..
Love the photos of the balloons and the face painting looks like you all had a good day..
Lisa A


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