Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh My God!!!!!

What more can I say!!
Cant wait for this movie if only for the eye candy!!!!
God, who wants a Vampire when you can have THIS!!!!


phillipa said...

Oh dear! Ya can tell Stu is away!!
OMG is right! What a!

kerry said...

what a babe gotta love that body too.Great layouts and flowers Jodi.I have been cleaning up my scraproom too ready to make the big move to another house near the beach yippee.Take care Kerry xx

Jules the Bling Princess said...

Hubba-da-hubba-da!!! YUM!!! What a body - he's gorgeous. I'm with you Jodi, counting down the days. The layouts ain't bad either (-: But seriously, how can you compete with THAT! Cold shower time...

BrigitteG said...

hehehe looks like you're a Twilight fan as well !!
can't wait to see this movie too:)

Hugs to you beaudiful :)

Brigitte G.


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