Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Echidna Update............

You may recall previously that i showed you this little guy
who now appears to have taken up residence at our place.

We saw him again last night, but he was too quick to get photos!!
He managed to dig under all the rocks around the pond and misplace them looking for ants and things....

We also have sandstone at our doorway entrace at the side of our house, and he has dug all around the rocks there also.
And there is also evidence of activity around the trees!!!
Hes been a busy little bloke since his arrival.
We are pretty sure he is living in this little jungle behind the pond.
You can see a little track through the srub to the left.
And there is a bit of a tunnel on the other side as well...
So it looks like we might have a new pet!!
I dont think anyone will be reaching out to pat him any time soon though!!!

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

Looks like he has been very very busy..


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