Monday, August 24, 2009

Ag-Quip Rodeo Barrell Race

A few of you have been waiting on the results of the
Ag-Quip Rodeo Barrel Race....

Well, she didnt do that well....
But the experience of it has been increadible!!
Emelia gets so down on herself,
but in truth, this is a professional competition with a line up of Barrel Racers that do this for a career, and have spent thousands of dollars on horses trained for this purpose!!!
She was up against racers accumulating points to enter the National Finals in Tamworth next year.....
The fastest time was the high 15 seconds....
So when Solo (Who hates sporting events now!!!) shied at the shutes and then at the crowd and the final barrel was perfect with a great run home, she was dissappointed with herself.
But honestly, its been twelve months since she got on the back of a horse for the very first time!!!
To even attempt to compete at this level, is a show of the confidence she has in her ability and a huge achievement!! I congratulated her!!
Well done Emelia!!
But didnt she look the part!!! She had the sparkly shirt on and sparkly belt buckle!!!
If you not that good, at least you can look good while your doing it!!
Thats my moto anyway!! lol

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Lisa A said...

Emelia and Solo you both have come along way during this last 12mths, so keep up the great team work and keep working on it together, you will get their, as I keep telling your Mum Have Faith.


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