Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gratuity - Catch Up

This is really starting to be a challenge
Although, I new It would be and that's why I set it for myself....
Its about trying to remain a little possitive about something each day
and not to let the negative of life get me down....

Alot of people are enjoying my little squirts of gratuity too now,
I've had a number of comments from people are town about it,
so the pressure is on!!!

So on Monday....
After getting into the pattern of sleeping right through after so long!
Its important that I keep lots of mind dead reading material handy!
By Mind Dead, I mean things I can read that are entertaining, that wont trigger any anxiety or worry about charactors... I started reading about Jamie (The Highlander!)v in the Scottish Prisoner, a book I've been waiting for for so long!
And I read one chapter and couldn't read it at bed time!
Jamie just causes to much anxiousness!!! lol

So I ready my teen novels
Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies...

So on Monday, I really appreciated my Ereader!
Because I didn't have any more brain dead books!
After reading Jamie for a Chapter lying in bed and it wasn't relaxing me,
I went and downloaded Crave from a bookshop
transferred it to my ereader and i headed back to bed for another great nights sleep!!

On Tuesday it was really quiet!
So without Emelia is the shop, it would have been very lonely!
So on Tuesday I appreciated the wonderful company that is Emelia!!!
She goes back soon!!
Very sad!
Dont talk about it, I will start crying again!!!

Now I know this seams like a broken record!
But when I have a rack full of Size 8 - 10 Dresses that need modelling for photos!
Who do i call???
I dont have to call anyone, the perfect person is right here!!!
Today I appreciate that my daughter was on hand to model the Dresses I have instore for me to take photos off.....
This one is a 14 and a little big for her.... But It looks lovely still..

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