Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Gratuity Catchup

January 20

Today was my first day back at work without Emelia.
So like a naughty little girl
I turned to the chocolate...
So on Monday I was grateful for Marble Chocolate...
Is there anything better to make you feel happy!!!

Saturday I was so grateful for my Enchanted Fairies!!!
It seams that the Fairy Bookings I get are all Face Painting
and all last minute!!!!
The last one I ended up doing with Molly! 
(Not in costume though!! Thank goodness for all the spectators!)
But today Meg & Molly were on hand to costume up
and paint faces for the opening of a new butcher shop in town!

January 21st I was grateful for my summer scarves!
Is there nothing better to cover your venerability than a scarf!!
I know its funny, some people don't have a problem putting their bare chests to the world!
I personally have massive issues with that kind of exposure!
I would do not like showing any sign of cleavage at all!
So If I dont have a collar to cover things up, I like a scarf.
I bought two from Ag Quip this year, a green one and a orange one and i wear them to death!

On January 2erd I was grateful for this shop....
Just Country here in Gunnedah!
If your a bigger girl with a few bumps to cover
and don't have a fortune
this is the place to go!
They recently got a huge shipment of gorgeous clothes in
and I doubled my wardrobe for a few dollars!

Then January 23rd kinda follows the same line as the previous two posts....
Today I was grateful to find a lovely light summer cardy
with a collar
So I could wear a necklace and not a scarf!!!
Love this little number
Really inexpensive too!

Yesterday I was grateful for Mum & Meg who worked tirelessly with me to get the decorations
done for the Australia Day Awards!!!
Thanks so much girls! :)

Here is what we did...

And of course today I am grateful
that I live in such an awesome country
Where we have the freedom to express our views
Live by our beliefs
Live in a peaceful country free from War
and so many other awesome things that make Australia a 
Wonderful place to live!

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