Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gratuity - 4th January - Earplugs!

I've never been much of a light sleeper!
Infact I can usually sleep through anything at all!
But since I've opened the shop, down time in my brain means worrying about Money, about Window Decor, about my orders, about staffing, about keeping the floor clean...
anything and everything i worry about now and I was never a worrier!
I was like well if there's money there's money and if there's none than we are broke!! Kinda attitude.

So I have a routine now
I go to bed and read until my brain in clear and then just fall off to sleep.
But I am now easily woken and it irratates me so much, because I start to worry, I have panick attacks that make me sick in the stomach and the whole thing is just a catch 22.
I cant turn the light on to read and  I was totally shocked that the ereader i got for christmas doesn't have a light to allow you to read in the dark!!! I mean, I would think that would be the first thing you would want in an ereader!!! 

So I toss and turn, toss and turn trying to switch off. I finally switch off enough to drift into slumber and then Stu starts snoring!!  I roll over and wake Stuart up cause he has always been a really light sleeper and then we are both tossing and turning and keeping each other awake!

So this morning at about 5am after being awake since 2.30 the birds started outside, and i just snapped!'
I dont wear earplugs because i have really small earholes and they hurt! But I squished and squished and got it small enough to shuv in only in one ear cause i couldn't find the other one in the dark. 
So i slept on the side that didn't have the ear plug in and it was enough to drown out most of the noises!
Finally I got the sleep!!

So today I am thankful for earplugs!
Tonight i will put them in when i go to bed and hopefully I will have a full nights sleep!!

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Di Garling said...

You are making me laugh Jodi. I can totally relate to this. I left a very well paid job to start my scrapbook shop nearly six years ago & I can totally relate to all of this. In six years I have only had five weeks off for holidays as I feel I have to be there all the time. I work at the shop 50 plus hours a week, plus all the extra hours I do at home, designing , bookwork etc, but hey, welcome to the world of self employed retail!!! You know while I am typing this I am thinking, it is all that worrying & long hours that make your business a successful one that grows when so many others fail!!!
Chin up & I hope you get some sleep tonight.
Cheers Di xoxo


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