Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grateful for such gorgeous summer days!

Hasn't this summer been wonderful!
So pleasant!
This morning was just gorgeous and it stayed mild until this afternoon
when I finally turned the air con on at work...
I am grateful for such a mild summer this year!
Im not a huge fan of the heat!
I love these mild days...

Those Paranormal Young Adult Book Readers out there.
I just finished reading this book on my ereader...
Ever heard of her?

I looked on her facebook page and she is so new, she only has like 49 followers!!!
All these awesome self published Authors we are seeing with the new ebook technology!
Love it!

Anyway this book is brilliant!
I couldnt put it down!
Definalty one of my favorites!

Here is a review that sums the book up.
An enticing mix of forbidden love, magic, betrayal, and heartache, this romance will leave your craving more. Melissa Darnell's beautifully told love story mixed with a rich vampire and witch mythology creates on of this year's most spellbinding paranormal romances.

Sav is a unique character I liked getting to know. She's feisty, level headed and fun. She also has an inner strength I admired about her. She's someone who at one time she had a lot of friends, and has since become some what of a loner, all because of something that happened during her childhood. One day "the clann" kids, along with her childhood crush were no longer welcome to play with Sav, let alone talk to her anymore, and she's never really understood why. "The Clann" are kids who come from a powerful line of witches, and they not only rule the school, but their parents run the town. They also have a long standing dislike for vampires.

I liked that this story is set in high school, because not only is Sav trying to blend into her surrounding, but she also has to deal with high school drama, the feelings she still has for her childhood crush and taking crap from her one time childhood friends. The entire storyline moved along quickly, but it went even faster once things change drastically for Sav, who develops some weird symptoms that in the process change her, quite a bit. Not only does she learn she has some pretty impressive powers, but she finds out her father is a powerful vampire, her mother is a witch and she's a Dhamphir. A mix of both a vampire and a witch is not only unheard of, it's dangerous, especially since she's a one of a kind. Now both the Clann and the Vampires fear her and want her dead, and her childhood crush wants back into her life.

My favorite aspect of the story is the romance. The love that the feelings Sav and Tristan have for each other started back when they were young kids who used to play together, and it's remained the same even though they've spent years not being able to talk to each other. I love that their romance started years before the story starts and it's one that only grows stronger as Sav and Tristan are now back in each other's lives. I really enjoyed watching how they rekindled their feelings, while at the same time deal with the threat that comes from their forbidden romance. My favorite part of their love story resolves around a tree and a box of valentine hearts, which I won't say any more so I don't give anything away. That whole story in itself had me sigh.

Crave is such a refreshing, intoxicating paranormal read. The mix of paranormal lore and the rich mythology Melissa created to bring her story to life made it hard for me to put this story down. The story line itself is fast paced, engaging, and includes some surprising twists that were both predictable ones I didn't see coming. It's a story with a well written forbidden love story I enjoyed getting lost in and in-depth characters I enjoyed meeting. I'm really looking forward to reading the next book in this series!

And I think the same!

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