Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Gratitude Challenge Day 1 - PARANORMAL/TEEN BOOKS

This is going to be fun!
In 2007 I did a 365 days photos of me challenge
and it was fantastic!
And I know I am so looking forward to this challenge

Day 1 - I am grateful for my BOOKS

In 2011 I read approx 60 Books! Give or take a few...
All the books or most in the last few years are listed on my blog in order of me reading them!
I love to read!

The reason why I am listing this as a Gratitude is because I have always loved to read
I love to be transported into an imaginary place
and enjoy the complete freedom of thought that reading brings me.
This is the reason why i read alot of Paranormal and Teen Novels!
I like the separation from real life!
Real Life is far too stressful!
That being said though, I have been known to read Autobiographies and do enjoy them
but I wont read books about violence against woman
or real life violence...
Vampire and Werewolf Violence is ok though because its all just pretend anyway!

My favorite place to read is in bed in my jarmies!
Today I spent most of the day in bed, in my jarmies
reading this book:

Fateful by Claudia Grey
Set on the Titanic!
Wonderful alternative story with a little history thrown in there...

Have a Happy New Year 
all my fantastic and appreciated Blog Followers...

I know the last few months have been boring
but i promise to have more instore for you this year!
In fact, it was also my BLOGGERVERSARY on the 30th December!
I cant believe i have been doing this now for 5 years!
Want to see my very first post?
You will find it here


Dolly B said...

You have inspired me to do a 365 day journal on gratitude Jodi. My daughter gave me a 365 day Journal from KiKi for Xmas and I have decided to find something to be grateful for each day to journal about to make me think more positively

PS Happy New Year!

Lisa A said...

I can still remember your first blog post, I have followed this since day 1, as you said that was 5years ago now , I can remember I was too scared to leave a comment ever, but now we have met in real life and become friends. I am grateful for that and will cherish our friendship forever.....


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