Friday, January 13, 2012

Grateful for such creative hands.....

It might seam a bit egotistical this gratitude post.
But it is something I am totally grateful for...

I found a heap of photos of different balloon creations on the internet
and I use them to promote different creations that can be made from balloons.
A customer ordered this one today.
I did have an attempt to make this a few months ago just as practice, 
but practicing isn't the same as making something awesome for someones gift.

So today I had to do one of these properly.
And like all balloon creations, its about technique!
I just had to study the photo and work out the technique.

Mum came in and held my creations for me while I figured out what i was doing
and on the third attempt, I worked out the technique to achieve the exact look.

I said to Mum, its all about technique, 
there must be a technique!
And as soon as I figured it out, it all came together!

So for today, I am grateful for my creativity.
Its not something that everyone has,
but I am so pleased that I do have it.
It allows me to do what I love to do.

Here is my balloon tulip!
Its it awesome!
Its about 8o - 90 cm high!


lindy said...

I agree Jodes it's awesome you clever thing...

phillipa said...

This is great Jodes...I love it!!

kerry said...

awesome creatin Jodie great to hear from you happy new year xx

heirloomscrapping said...

awesome stuff Jodie I love it and you are gifted


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