Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some days are harder than others...

To find something to be grateful about...
But tomorrow will be worse!!!  Much worse!!!

Today is Emelia's last day with us
She is leaving early tomorrow morning to head to Gin Gin
at 10 hour drive!!!

Ive been dreading tomorrow since Emelia came home.
I cried all last year
and I so really hope that I dont cry as much this year for missing her!
I am really going to try not to! But that being said, I really tried hard last year too, but it never got easier! Not one single bit!

So today, I was being brave
and Emelia went home from working early to finish packing her car.
I didnt cry!
I went across to Woollies and a friend ask me if she had left yet?
Well, that was it!
The tears started! And I just couldn't hang around the shop when Emelia was at home 
without me packing her car!
So I put the closed sign on the door
and came home....

So today, I am grateful for comfort food
infront of the airconditioner
with Emelia...
We love these chicken things... yum yum!

When I came home, Emelia was up the paddock saying goodbye to Solo.
We have found (no shock here!)
That he is an angel horse with no saddle and no bridle!
If she comes home for a while after this course than we will have him looked at by a Chiropractor I think.
Although you would think 2 years without a saddle might help his back hey?
Who knows!

But he was side passing and everything in his holter and bareback again today!
Perfect dressage pony! If only he could do it without all the gear!!! haha

He looks so lovely for his neglect hey!

Lets see what tomorrow brings!
Wish me luck!
Although I should be grateful, I was talking to another Mum today who sent her No 1 son off to the Army. She works with him everyday at their job and has done for a few years!
She cant have any proper communication with him for 6 months!
Now that would be hard!!!
So I suppose I should be grateful for communication at least hey!


heirloomscrapping said...

Hey Jodie its hard when they leave but I think the bond gets stronger. I would definitely have a chiropractor look at him and even a professional saddle fitter I know Peter Horobin in Vic travels and he might know of someone up there its amazing what a simple change can do

Kerry said...

No matter how old/young our children are we'll always miss them when they're away. The bond will always be there but you have to learn to let me little.
Remember the saying, a mother holds her children's hands for a short time but their hearts forever.


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