Sunday, January 1, 2012

Josh Turns 21 & Emelia graduates!

December was massive
and Blogging was the last thing I thought about!
So now that i am gathering some spare time with the  holidays
I will share some catchups!

On the 9th December My baby turned 21!
Because Stu went to Emerald to drive Emelia home, and it was just me & Josh
and the fact that Josh really isn't a party kinda bloke
we just had a little celebration here at home...

So I just got some Mud Cakes
I had a massive bunch of balloons delivered to the post office!!
and off course a huge bag of lollies and goodies he likes

He blew out his candles
which i missed with the camera!!! Grr and he wouldn't do it again!

And then he went back to what he does and i went back to what i do...
It was very quiet!

But the week before, he and his mates went to Tamworth to PaintBall.
There was a huge bunch of them
Because his mate Kane also has a birthday round the same time, so they planned this combined celebration!
He came home with this!

In the meantime in Emerald
Emelia was graduating from her Cert 3 In Agriculture specialsing in Horse Breeding.
Here is the Year at the College..
(Emelia is up the back on the right! She was very happy because she has NEVER been in the back row for a photo like this, cause she is so tiny she is always in the front!!)

And here she is collecting her Certificate.

Then earlier the kids had their Annual Ball.
It took me this long to get a photo!
Not happy about that i can tell you!

Here she is with her Boyfriend Shauny..
He bought her the pink corsage to match her dress! Isn't that lovely old fashioned romance!
But he is a cutey Shauny!
I haven't met him, but Stuart has. Shauny picked him up from the airport when Stu flew down to Emerald because Emelia was away on an excursion!
Apparently Shauny was so nervous, but Stuart was very impressed!
Stuart is never impressed by anyone Emelia has interest in!!

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