Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I have been grateful for......

The school holidays are coming to an end....
and I have spent the last two weeks crying!
I actually bawled my eyes out on Saturday coming home from work 
about Emelia leaving me again!!!
So yesterday I was grateful, that I didn't cry over Emelia leaving!
We had the discussion about her leaving with a customer
and I didn't tear up or cry!
I was grateful for that!
Cause it is the hardest thing I have to do is let her go to live her life!
I miss her every minute she is gone....
(The scary part is, that this time she may not be back....... Its one thing the kids finding all the wrong guys, but a total different thing when they find the right one..... There is a lovely guy waiting for her when she gets back)

Now today I was grateful for a special present my husband made me some time ago!
I have watching it several times,
and by accident put it in my computer today cause i wanted to transfer some photos.
I saw this file on there and though "Whats this?"
So I opened it and the music started...
da da da, dadededa... da da da dadededa

It bough the biggest smile to my face
and I recalled it all day!
So today I am grateful for Stu's special little presents he makes me!

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