Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grateful for Tash just over the fence....

There were a few things I was grateful yesterday...
And another one of them was for this lady!!
But the real gratuity came this morning after having my first full nights sleep in nearly 4 months!!!
Yesterday I thought I deserved a little pampering!
Its been a really hard few weeks, lots of emotional things happening...
So yesterday I thought I would treat myself to a lovely Pedicure!
Im so very very lucky
Because this fabulous lady Natasha Lyons
runs her Beauty On Linden from her home salon
which is literally 50 metres from my backfence
and she works after normal business hours for us working ladies!!!

So today, I am grateful for Tash for helping me relax and getting a good nights sleep!

And she scrapbooked my nails!!!

Awesome hey!
Stu things it looks crappy, but what does he know!  Men??

Also, Ive been meaning to share a photo of this guy!

He is massive!!
He is standing in the driveway of Llyods house just behind us and next to Tash's place of pleasure!! Hehe
I went to school with Lloyd, and then he moves in behind us!!!
We went to school in Narrabri.

Lloyd is also the local Archery Supplier! Very handy hey!
The National Archery Association bought him
but he is just sitting in the driveway waiting to be collected!

He is a little on the thin side though?
You would think Lloyd would at least tether him on the grass!!!

He is a 3D Archery Target.
You can see his kill zones on his body!

Today Molly and I went down to the National Tomato Day at the Services Club.
We were a last minute commission for face painting!
It was awesome fun!
Here is one of my happy customers!

Hopefully tomorrows post will be just as much fun!
Today was a great day!

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