Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gratuity Catchup......

Catch up time again...
These Gratitude challenges are really getting hard!
You don't realize how ungratefully we go about our days!!! haha

Anyway, Day 27
I was grateful to have a DVD night with Hubby on the couch...
Rarely do we watch the same kind of movie..
We watched Arena...
Very interesting movie!
It was about this online game to the death that the viewers thought was smoke and mirrors but it was actually real! Real people fighting to the death!

Day 28 I was grateful to my little ofsider Meggie!
She is a champion!
I'm training her to manage my shop!
We have a way ahead of us, she is only young and only in year 9 this year.
But her enthusiasm is wonderful!
We decorated the Valentines Day Window!
Massive job!

Here is the window.

Day View...

Night View...

The Wedding Window...

The shop front at night!
I need a light on my sign hey! Will work on that!

From inside out...

And today Day 29
I was grateful for some me scrapping time..
No comitments, just for fun!

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heirloomscrapping said...

your shop is looking awesome Jodie check out my blog have left you a little surprise


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