Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lots to be grateful for.....

Mondays are always so much fun now!
I love my Mondays!
Mondays are scrap class days! Yay!
Yesterday I helped one of my ladies create this awesome vintage vanity mirror!!

Its a bit blurry...
Here is a full photo

She did an amaising job!!!
Come to my class and together we can make something really awesome too!

Another one of my ladies made this card!
She was stoked with it!

Today was a day full of visitors into the shop.
I am always grateful for visitors...
First off Brenda popped in and had a chat for a while..
It was so nice to catch up with her now the kids are back in school...
And then one of my favorite people came in for a while....

Its always great to spent time with Josh just the two of us.
We can just talk about anything without judgement or fighting....
We critiqued everything!!
Made some plans...
We decided that it might be time for me to buy another motorbike,\
and Josh get another helmet (Cause Stu bought the exact same helmet as Josh and that just crosses the line you know!!)
And just us two will go for rides on the weekend.
We aren't speed demons like Stu. Josh likes to go fast, but just in short bursts, where as Stu likes to do the whole ride as fast as possible and when your riding with just the two of you,
its not that much fun for the slow one...
Especially when you get lost
or when you come off your bike like Josh has done.
But we can just stick together, so it will be fun!
Stu & I found an appropriate bike, not quite a cruiser, and not quiet a road bike
Lets see how we go about getting one!!

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misty said...

That mirror is such a cool idea! beautiful projects!


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