Sunday, December 31, 2006

New to Blogger....

Well, I am attempting to have another go at making a Blogspot. My life is very boring really and i find it hard to find stuff to talk about, or rather stuff that anyone would be interested in reading.

I am a really keen scrapbooker, its what i do. In between scrapping I have my own business which is Balloon Decoration and Delivery and also a Wedding Decoration Service.

I am a very dedicated scrapbooking forum surfer and love to look at the galleries to get inspiration. I also very much enjoy reading other peoples blog spots.

I am also on a weight loss journey. Last year saw the loss of 30 kilos and I am hoping this year sees the loss of the rest. I would really like to be at my goal weight by June. Although, Im not sure what that goal weight will be at this stage.

My chosen sport is Archery. I have a number of goals I would also like to achieve this year with that too.

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