Sunday, October 30, 2011

Enchanted Events & Balloons - Now Open

With lots of long hours and hard work!
The night before the opening was upon us!!!
Brenda, Mum, Josh & I really burned the night oil to make everything perfect
for the opening day!!!

Here is the window when all the paper was removed....

Then It was time to get everything in order the next day!
I made up the arch and balloon column the night before,
so we put those out....
And there is me in my matching black & Pink outfit!!

My Enchanted Fairies were out in force
in their totally adorable new uniforms!

And we were ok to go!!

Here is a look inside....
This is my Zebra print!
When designing the interior of my shop, this was the first thing I wanted
and everything else revolved around this!
A local signwriter designed it and made it.
Isn't it fabulous!

This is from the right side looking across...

Seeing as it is Halloween Weekend, we needed Halloween Balloons!

From front to back..

All my balloons and things in the background...

This is a good one of the canopy

I had a cake to cut too....

Here i am cutting it!

 My fabulous school friends came as well...
How awesome was that!!!

 As well as my Niece and Sister In Law from Cessnock!
But I didn't get a photo! :(

When the kids started descending, the Enchanted Fairies set up camp
out the front and painted faces and made balloon animals..

 And here are some of the faces!

It was a really fantastic opening day with some great sales..
Lets just make sure that it goes really well now on a day to day basis!


Jasmine S said...

Congrats Jodi. It all look soooo fabulous. You have done a brilliant job. Good luck with everything in the future.

Lauren said...

OMG Jodi! The shop looks fantastic! Love the zebra print and colour scheme! Good luck in your new venture and a huge congratulations to you. xx

Alanna said...

Congratulations!! Hopefully it all goes well for you :)

phillipa said...

Congratulations lovely!!!! What a fabulous looking fitout and love the mural on the wall. Good luck with it all!! Big hugs to you xoxo

Mrs Frizz said...

oh wow ... bleedin' awesome [and some] ... that mural - absoutely fab-u-lous!!!

annette said...

Jodi ... my heartiest congratulations to you ... the store looks absolutely awesome ... I wish you every success .. you deserve it all ... love the mural & your flooring ... hugz annette X:)

Vicki said...

Hey Jodi, Your shop looks fantastic, might pop over on Wednseday and check u out. Very Cool!!! I 'm sure you will have great success!!!

Genevieve said...

Congratulations Jodi!
it's the mural and the concept!!

scrappinallie said...

Wow, Jodi your shop looks awesome! You have done such a great job decorating and styling it. I wish you every success with it :)


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