Saturday, October 15, 2011

Im still here

Im so sorry I have been so absent from my blog....
But there are big things a happening in my life at the moment....
Some of them really awesome and some of them really horrible...
Its a real avalanche of emotions lately 
and its really really hard to stay ontop of it all..

I am moving my new business

Into this shop....

Currently Back to Balloons and Wedding Elegance are two separate businessness
owned by my husbands Company Dolbel Consulting P/L
But as of 1st October i am now a Sole Trader
and I am doing all this on my own.

I really didn't know how i would go at first,
it was a real struggle coming up with the money
and having the confidence to branch out in such a big way on my own.

I cant even begin to tell you the emotional rollercoaster this has bought on at the home front.
Suffice to say that side of things has been really hard.
But im not going to talk anymore about that, its too private.
But things are off the ground now,
i got some money
and things are heavily underway....

New flooring has gone it,
Furniture bought

My counter is nearly done
just waiting on the counter top.

Ive done most of the internal decorating now
and its time for the stock to come out!
I've hired two young ladies who are the best little workers
and the hardest workers!

Opening day celebrations will be 29th October....
So watch this space...


Di Garling said...

Looks lovely Jodi. Good luck with everything. Cheers Di xx

Jasmine S said...

Congrats. This sounds so awesome and well done for doing it on your own. What an achievement. Cannot wait to see some more pics when the shop is finished.
Good Luck on opening day. I hope you have people lined up down the street.....

phillipa said...

Hey Jodi, It is starting to look fabulous and good luck for the opening!! I wish you all the best! xx

annette said...

Awesome Work Jodi, you must be getting very excited ... love your checkered floor ... pop over to my blog there is an award for you ... cheers X:)

Mrs Frizz said...

floor looks flash - look forward to seeing the counter top when it's all done and dusted.

Good luck with your new venture.


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