Friday, August 10, 2007

The Best Layout I have ever done!!!!! (My opinion of course)

Brenda and I spent yesterday scrapbooking and it was total bliss!! Except for the part where my husband came home with his bad attitude towards sorting out club t-shirts for archery. (Honestly, who would have thought it could be so difficult!!!) lol

But other than that, it was a hugely pleasant day. We missed Jacquie who's social life is now in tatters after procuring a casual position!!!

So anyway, I had started on the "A mothers love" layout and Brenda suggested a few ideas and Im very pleased with the result indeed!!!
Mum so totally loves it!! But shes not having it as its mine!! LOL

After i did that layout, i tackled a special photo of my dd that i have been wanting to scrap. I was looking for some inspiration and found a layut by Pip Prosser that took my fancy. So using that, I put together this layout!!!

Check out how clever i am!!!

Although, We will find out exactly how clever I am when it comes to cutting it wont we?????

And finally day 51!! Another habit of mine which is so going to need botox is my sqint!!!

And the funny thing is, is that i sqint my right eye which makes me left eye dominant. Apparently, if your right handed, usually your right eye dominant. So with all my archery set up I have had to go left handed which is strange to most people, but feels totally natural for me.

I had to buy a left hand bow - hard enough in itself as shops tend to stock only right handed. I ordered mine special from the states though. its a Mathews Pretige bow. Quite a good one in red so the arrows go faster!!! LOL

Speaking of which, we have a comp on this weekend. I havnt picked th bow up for months and i will go out expecting to win!! I will be very hard on myself if I dont. This is another little quirk of mine. I expect to win without practising!! Now we all KNOW that aint gonna happen!!!

Tell you the results on Monday!! Seeya

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Princess Lu the Scatterbrained said...

Hi Jodi, I totally love those layouts! And I agree that top one is probably the best one I've ever seen you do - it is totally gorgeous! Dont forget to submit!!!! Have a good week. Cheers, Lu


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