Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Domestic Goddess I Aint!!!!

Some people find a great deal of pleasure in providing lovely, delicious home made meals for their family. Nutricious and delicious!! Well, unfortunately I ain't one of them!!!
I dont know when it actually happened. Maybe when i was kicked out of home science in Year 7? LOL I dropped that elective and took woodwork instead, and topped the class everyyear!!!
I just dont do the whole cooking thing. I can set the table (and always put the knives and forks in the wrong spot)... I can make the table look pretty - but dont expect me to put the yummy stuff on the plate.
There are a few dishes i do well. I do good lamb shanks and roasts...... dont do deserts as i like to eat them.
I cant boil an egg and quite often boil the veges dry still!!
But the family isnt starving. They do get fed quite well because i have to. But i dont like it. Id much prefer to be scrapping!!!! This is day 55.


Brenda said...

Now I know why you don't want to cook me dinner... sangas will do!

kissmevodka said...

Hey, Put your Domestic Goddess crown down for a moment...
You've just been Tagged!!

And let me cook you dinner!


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