Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 72 - Party Time

The flowers outside are so nice, I decided to do the photos with them again. And its also the last day of habits, quirks and idiosyncrasies....(I know i spelt that wrong!!)
Ive been trying to think of a good one for today........ a deep dark secret........something really juicy and embarrasing......... but honestly, cant think of anything.......except maybe.......i bite my nails......horribly!!! Really short down to the quick. Even when i was changing pooey nappies - it didnt stop me!!!

So there we are, the month is over and you girls now know me better than anyone!!!

Today i provided the balloon for the Mullaley Matrons ball. Mullaley has a population of about 50, but this year is the 50th Anniversary of their annual ball. They will have over 200 people at it!!! Will be a great night. I dont go to them myself, but i do enjoy helping with the decorations.

The Stage

The room.

The tables

Look what i got in the mail today from Lea how exciting!! Ive been looking at these stamps for a while now, but never got one. Now I have!! Yippee!!!
Thanks so much Lea!!!

And thats it for winter for me. Spring tomorrow!!! Time for the sneezing to start!!!


Brenda said...

My jaw just hit the floor literally!!! How cool is that RAK!!

kerry said...

You lucky duck Jodi that is a great rak how cool is tha.


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