Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Day 49 - Does it have earings to match?

AS anyone who knows me can testify, Im a jewellery fantatic. This all started when at the ripe of old of 2, I would sit up at my Nanny's dressing table and play with all her gorgeous jewellery. She had loads of it. They were a wealthy rural family when she was young and she had rose gold everything. The real stuff!! Totally yummy.
Anyway, thats were it all started. I love necklaces, but have never felt comfortable wearing them as i had such a fat neck (In the last 2 years i have lost 35 kilos). So now that i can wear them - i need a necklace to match everyoutfit. Not the cheap ones either!! I like the good stuff too!!
But now that i ahve a necklace to match that shirt, I need to have earings. Just this morning i bought this gorgeous rose pink necklace, and asked "Does it have earings to match". They will order them in.
Such an extent is this addiction, that i once had a shop assistance of the local jewellry shop run out to me on the street with earings announcing "We've found what you were looking for!!!" And bought them out with her - on the street - for me to look at. They were perfect.
Oh, and notice the pendant Im wearing today. The earing to match were also a special order in at the jewellery shop. Im so spoilt!!
Anyway, this is todays idiosyncracy (I never know if i spell that right or not) lol

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