Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 58 - Gotta headache today!!

Trying to think of something different to take a photo of so went with my daughter - shes different!!! LOL

Been a bit of a hard day today as i have had a headache. Woke up with it. But went to Curves anyway and also went to have coffee with the girls and to celebrate the "Other" Brendas birthday!!

We are off to a Retro 70's 18th birthday party tonight. I will load the fancy dress photos for you tomotrrow. But I also decorated the room with balloons for the young girl. Very colourful.

I totally love these columns that she chose. I havnt done columns for the sake of columns before as they are a bit expensive. So these ones look great. I hope she is happy with them.

Will upload the other photos tomorrow.
Thats it for me. Im off to have a becs powder and a good lie down. (Well, not becs, but panadol!!)

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