Monday, August 27, 2007

Pay It Forward

I have the three ladies for the Pay It Forward......
& Brenda.......

I will have your RAKS in the mails soon ladies.... Finding something really great to send.

Day 68 sees me cleaning my house. I hate this job. Its always such a waste of time as, as soon as the kids get home it will be trashed again!!!! So thankless.

But the thing about cleaning that i hate to absolute most is vacuuming!!! I hate it!! And this is my quirk for today!! The cords are always too short, the vacuume is always full and the suction never stays sucking!! You drag the bloody thing from one end of the house to the other, trying to get rid of all the crap, only to find that "someone has marched grass or mud all through the house - just when i have put the heavy awkward bloody thing away!!! See - I hate it!!!

Here is me hating the vacuum. We even bought a Dyson to try to make vacuuming more pleasant!! Didnt work. And its crap that they dont loose there suction!!! Here that Dyson!!! Crap!!!

Ok,I'm done now...... seeya tomorrow!!!


AmandaMcGregor74 said...

I'm presuming it's a bagless Dyson?? i have one and have no problems at all. Is your barrel getting too full? Have you tried emptying it half way through?

Lea Adcock said...

lol yes one of my hates too.
Hmmm might see how those remote ones last for. might be the idea.


kerry said...

Thats funny Jodi as i hate vacuming too i always think why bother as five mins later the crap gets dragged back in again.I fell like all i di is clean up and it sucks.

Brenda said...

I can't stand having shit all over my floor especially those 2 min noodles the kids eat crunchy!!! I sometimes vaccume them up twice a day, last week I finally cracked about the vaccuming so I made the kids do it!!! There's an idea!!!

Michelle Staffieri said...

I'm toatlly with you Jodi. What an absolute waste of time. I am kind of lucky my husband does about 80% of it, he says he likes it. Sick man! But about 4 years ago I hurt my back and was at the same physio my husband goes to and as joke he wrote Bruno a note saying I should not do any vacuming as this was making the problem worse. Well, he believed it and still does. SO my suggestion is to find a good Physio. Good Luck!

Princess Lu the Scatterbrained said...

Hiya Jodi!!! I'm hearing you with the vacuuming but in our house it's rice bubbles and sand from the kindy sandpit. I swear she brings a cup of it home each day!!! We did wave to you as we drove through Gunnedah on Sunday. We tried to find your phone number to ring you but directory assistance said they couldn't find you but we did think of you and wave!!! Take care, love Lu

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