Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Pimp Hat

Here is Day 52!! Our local club is hosting a regional archery competition this weekend. My little quirk for today is that hat!!! This hat came with my new Mathews bow. You will notice its uniqueness in that it is actually black leather!! Who on earth wears a black leather baseball cap??? Pimps!!!
So I call this my Pimp Hat. It gets so much attention because really its such a W^#kers hat!! And that just why i insist on wearing it. I get called all sorts of names and stured so much because of it and i give it right back just as much - which the guys love!!
The archery people are so cool!! We take each other at face value with absolutely no judgement!! There are all range of people out there and we are all there to have heaps of fun - which we do in truck loads.
However, that being said, our local archery club is probably one of the most successful clubs in Australia. We have two world champion record holders, a couple of world title holders including myself & my daughter!! We have heaps of Australian Title holders including our whole family - we all hold australian titles. We are all state titles holders with most of the club holding titles in their divisions and any regional comps, our club dominates. Also myself and another male archer in the club are the current Sports man & women of the Year in Gunnedah!! But our club is more famously known as the BIGGEST PARTIERS!!!! Boy do we do that the BEST!!! Which is totally what its all about!!
Now that Im done with the bragging!!! sorry!! lol

The other great thing we did today was to go out to tea for my mums birthday and was totally wonderful. Photos and great layouts are sure to follow!!


Brenda said...

I knew it! I knew you would do the hat thing!!! Soooooo Funny!

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

Sounds like one very impressive archery club! Well done.


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