Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 70!! Another Round Number!!!

Here we are again on another gorgeous spring day. I thought i would commemorate by taking photos outside again, in the lovely sun!!!

This is totally my favorite necklace and one of my favorite tops. Another habit of mine.... again with the jewellery is that the necklace and tops have to match. I can settle with earings that dont match perfectly, but the necklace and top have to. This is a Goondiwindi Cotton Top. I love GC brand - very me!!!

Had coffee and cake with Mum and Brenda today. Not intentional - just happened. We were all up the street at the same time.

Thats my news for today. Oh, I have my RAKS ready to send - so watch the mails girls. Little of this and a little of that in them. And another thing very interesting, but dont try to eat it as people often have..... yukky!!!!


Sharai said...

You should get my Rak to you soon Jodi. I sent it Monday to you.
Love your necklace and top.


Brenda said...

You looked very nice today all matching and everything and I agree that Gundy Cotton gear is the best!! Did you know I lived 1/2 a block away from Goondiwindi Cotton when I lived in Goondiwindi!

Janet said...

I LOVE that shirt Jodi.... where can I get me one??? lol I love the colours of it! That is one thing I miss about living in the country, the gorgeous men in country duds and shirts.. MMmmMMmmmmmmm Nothing beats a country



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