Monday, August 13, 2007

Celebrating Mum's Birthday

Didnt we have a great night at Wild Orchard. I went down before hand to set up the tables with decorations and took the cake and presents down so as to give mum a surprise when she walked in. I think it was a huge surprise!!!

This cake was totally lovely - made specially for Mum by the lovely ladies at The Verdict coffee shop. I bought the candles from Goodness & Gracious. They were little men with undies on. Too cute!!!

I found mum this handbag and matching purse from Goodness & Gracious as well. She loved it. Previously Mum had been using my hand-me-down bag and purse.
Check out this scrary creature!!!! A little girl came up to emelia through the night at said "Excuse me, but you look nice!!". It was so sweet and made Emelias night. The little girl herself was totally cute too!!

Me & Emelia clowning around

The two men in my life!!

This is y brother Gary and his wife Kel. Kel was out in the sun alday watching my brother's cycle race!

The girls being girls

Check out the feed!!! Lamb shanks were devine. Emelia said that they werent as good as mine though!! How nice........

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