Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Celebrating Me in 2007 - Challenge 11

The challenge for this month are: 10 - Favorite place, 11 - Proudest Moment and 12 - Ideal way to spend an evening.

This is about my proudest moment.

The journalling says: My proudest moment came this year during the 2007 Nationals. I was selected to be on the Regional (Branch) 3D team and we won. We are the National Champion 3D team. I contribute to that result by winning my division. Two National Gold Medals and one Bronze!!!

I was proud that the selectors had enough confidence in my ability to think that i could win when there was another lady in our Branch who shoots 3D all the time and is good at it. But at the end of the day, I won and this made very extremely proud.

With 3D Field Archery, we actually shoot 3D Foam animals. They are quite lifelike in their appearance.

This is a 3D Turkey. Thats my pink arrow right in the middle where its supposed to be!!!

This is a 3D goat. The arrows are really hard to get out and it was my turn to pull them. I actually had to sit on the animal to keep it still enough to pull the arrow.

Thats my excuse anyway!! No I wasnt trying to ride it!!! How silly do you think i am!!!! (Shhhhh)

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Brenda said...

Another layout.... and I totally love it! How do you find the time?


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