Monday, August 13, 2007

Day 53 - A gorgeous day to be in the forest!!

What a gorgeous day to be outside!!! We had a lovely final day of shooting. The forest was so peaceful and the birds were making their noices. It was totally divine. Another little quirk of mine is that when im out in the bush doing archery on a beautiful day like today - i get so relaxed in the serenity, that i forget why i am there. Thats what happened today. It was so peaceful.
Here is a shot of Joshua aiming up at a target. You can see that it is real bush that we are in.

Here's Steve and Lloyd a couple of guys from our club. We have to shoot over and through rocks which is a bit scary!!! Like our new club t-shirts. They look so professional!!

And of course, what is archery without the girls. Emelia is the only one not shooting this weekend. She was on canteen duty - but i think most of their time was taken up checking out the academy boys!!!!
Here is me with my first place......

And Stu with his...... gotto forgive him - he's a bit demented!!! LOL

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Brenda said...

Congrats on your win! Love the pics and you're right Poor Stu too much sun maybe!


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