Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 65!! - Im a Rockin Blogger Girl!!!

Thanks to Kerry Im now a rockin Blogger girl!! Thanks Kerry!! You rock too!!

This is fun, its now my turn to nomiate a couple of rockin bloggers....... Id nominate Brenda, but Im not sure if she is one or not........ as she has the Rockin blogger thingy on her site......

So I will nominate Amanda who inspires me with the most wonderful cooking skills and great 365 day challenge photos...... and also Janet becuase being the excellent cook she is - she has promised to feed me!!! LOL

So rock on girls.... I will pay your blog a visit and let you know that you now rock'in bloggers too
Day 65 sees me with my gorgeous new blouse, necklace and earings on that i bought at Ag-Quip..... Yummy!!!! I think they look nice. I particularly love the necklace. I adore the multipal strand things.
Today I used some of yesterdays habit - I made up a word - but cant remembert what it was.... I think i should right down all the words and make a jodi diary!!! I think that will be funny
But another habit of mine that is similar to yesterdays is that i am a bit of a songstress.... (hangon - is that a made up word????) But not the usual kind of lyracist... (I think thats the right word for this) ... For example, mum had the god awful music on in the car the other day - so i made up totally new lyrics to the music - which arnt actually printable of a public blog - sufice to say it had lots to do with bathroom antics of a toilet kind!!! hugely funny!!! My daughter was in fits and "Couldnt believe that i was her mother!!!)

I aslo did a bit of scrapping last night - surprise surprise!! I did this layout - "These Boots" my aunty was a recording artist way back when. She was a yodeller. "The youngest recording artist" My Poopy Sid used to rattle of the same story over and over....... I can still remember every word. He so adored Aunty Jacquies singing...... We all do!! The lovely old country songs. Anyway, her things are in the Country Music Museam in Tamworth. So this is the page to commemorate that memory.

When Mum and I went to the meseum to have a look at Jacquies things, we found this bloke. Kevin King who was being put into the role of renoun... He toured with Ausnty Jack and Mum went too. So they had a lovely time catching up on "The Good Old Days" as the page is titled!!!

So, thats day 65 for me. This took much longer than I anticpated and i ahve work to do!!!! See ya tomorrow!!!

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kerry said...

Hi Jodi,

love the story about the singing sounds just like me now that's scary.Love your necklace.Sounds like you are coming into your busy season.Take care Kerry xo


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