Thursday, August 2, 2007

Day 43 - Earing Addiction & Obsession

Ok, so we are talking about little Idiosyncrasies. So after pondering this for a while - I mean the shower helmet is a given isnt it!!! I thought about what other things i'm a bit anal about.

Well, it just so happens, that im a bit of a freak about my earings. I have like 100's of pairs of them, but Im funny about wearing them.

Here are some details:
  • I have gym earings and archery earings. My archery earings are little euros, rose gold as when i pull the string back on my bow with my release aid, then i touch the earing ball and know thats my anchor point. The gym earings are either the euros or a pair of rose gold hoops, as they wont come out while jumping around and usually match my pink gym clothes - yes i know!! Pathetic.

  • I also have big crystal earings that i usually wear with anything that i dont have a particular pair of earings to match.

  • Because i was wearing these crystal ones so often, i found a rosey coloured pink crystal ones to wear with my pink tops.

  • I have a softer pink pearl earings i wear with my soft pink tops and matching pink necklaces (Tip: necklace obsession will be covered on another day!!)

  • I never wear the same pair of earings 2 days in a row. Even my gym ones, I will rotate and sometimes even have to wear studds, as i might go to the gym twice in a day and hence cant wear the earings i wore yesterday or this morning!!!
  • I have several evening pairs of earings.

  • When i had two holes in each ear (The second is now filled in) I also had heaps of small cute little earings for those holes that i changed everyday.

  • NOTE: I was give a diamond earing from my hunsbacnd before we were married. As he gave one to me and one to another girl (so as to not lay all his eggs in one basket) I had a special piercing at the top of my right ear for that earing. Its the only one that doesnt come out everyday.

  • I could go on and on, but who wants to know all the details.
Here I am changing into my euro balls to go to the gym this morning. Now normally if i wasnt going to the gym, i would wear my soft pink pearls with this top.
This is a photo of the few pairs of earings that i like to display. this isnt even a fraction of the earings I own by the way. I love this little shoes, its so cute!!!
Brenda and i went for coffee this morning at the new Verdict Coffee shop again. This was out thrid time since it opened a week ago!!! We have a terribly hard life according to our husbands!!! But the most important thing is that Brenda had just gotten a big order of scrapbooking stuff that i HAD to see!!! Talk about yummy!! I didnt need cake - I just drooled over all Brendas new stuff!! Yummy!!

I just love the signage at Verdict coffee. Check out all the legs. Theres even little dogs in bags next to the legs. This signage was done by Mick Roland. He's so great at it!! Very creative!!!e!!


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Brenda said...

Can I have the long skinny legs?????


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