Monday, August 6, 2007

Day 47 - Another Quirk - Makeup (Or lack of it most days)

Here I am all made-up and on my way to Tamworth to see Jenny. Thats my little quirk today. I hardly ever wear make-up, Im not a terribly big fan of it as my skin doesnt like it much. But when I am going to Jenny Craig I always wear it and the clothes i feel complement my figure the most. Hey, it is a weight loss centre and i want to look as thin as possible. But it is a place for fat people - go figure? Its just me!!!

I love this lime green Gondiwindi Cotton shirt and I have on a green crystal pendant that i bought and matching earings that my daughter bought me for mothers day...... but thats another quirk I shall leave for another day... Cant use up two in one day can i?

This isnt a very good photo, but i was trying to get me in the picutre along with my husband who is on the bike behind me. I was doing this as i was driving along by the way. "Yes officer - Im always very careful not to use my mobile phone while driving, but taking photos is ok. Hence the photo above of myself as well. LOL

Here is another photo i took whilst driving along - I wasnt on the mobile phone which is the important thing here. Look how lovely and green it is now. Its been so dry, the rain has been lovely.

Well, thats all for today.

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AmandaMcGregor74 said...

Lucky you. My skin is so blotchy that I wear make up every day, and sometimes reapply it again in the afternoon!

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