Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tonights Efforts in Scrapbooking

I bought some Marah Johnson papers at Cyberscraps and dont have any idea what to do with them.....
I searched on the net trying to find some ideas and came up with zilch!!!
The papers have so many great elements in them that i didnt want to cover and the photos i was using were a bit gothy in their apperance..... so i used those things to give me some inspiration.
I cut out the interesting elements the photos would cover and put them ontop of the photos. I sanded the photos quite heavily to give the appearance of age and decrepancy kinda thing. A few rub ons to give a bit of depth and some crystals and things.
Not my usual kinda scrapping, but i am happy with the outcome.

Next are the Dancing Divas. Another Esteddfod photo. Quite busy. Not my usual kinda thing. But its all about expanding our personal style and trying new things

Mine, Mine........ Remember the seagulls from Finding Nemo....... I know too much TV!! lol
Lots of photos about nothing really, but wanted to have it in the album. A really quick page with lots of buttons and things. Nice and bright.

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