Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Spring is on its way......

Can you feel it? Spring was knocking on the door today. Its was such a lovely day. During winter im not usually inspired to put anything in my hair, but it was such a lovely spring day today, I even put a ribbon in my hair..... (Silly I know. All through Spring and summer i will wear things in my hair - but not in winter...)

See, pink ribbon to match my pink top to match my new pink necklace......

I was actually watching this gorgeous little blew wren in the garden picking at bugs in the lawn while this photo was being taken. Another female wren came and landed in the tree right in front of me.... But when i moved to get a photo, it flew off!!!

But one thing i did catch in the garden were the bees. They were flitting from flower to flower. I was so pleased to actually capture shots of them...

This is a close up of the flowers the bees were in..... None is this one though. But isnt it a great photo... Taken with my point and shoot digital in micro mode with a flash!!

You cant really see the bee as the photo is too small. But in the normal size one, you can see a great shot of the bee on the right of the flower

Look really closely and you will actually see the bee in the centre, Notice his stripey body!!! Im so please with this photo

No bees in this one, but i love these daisys that cover the garden in spring....

I do totally love spring. I love the smell of all the flowering trees and i especially love the chineese jasmine that flowers out the back of the house and the jonquils that flower out the front...... Beautiful time of year....
So this is day 69!!!
WOW, didnt my comment about vacuuming start something!! Thanks everyone for your comments. I had lots of people supporting my opinions on vacuuming, with just one sole person asking if i had checked filters and stuff!!! LOL Amanda...... So thanks ladies for your support in the crusade against vacuuming the house and the total waste of time that it is!!! Rather than burn the bras, how about we burn the vacuums.... LOL (Must admit though that i have done this too - not on purpose, but rather blew it up!!!! Made one hell of a noise and sent stuff flying, just missing Emelia who was about 3 at the time!!!)

OK, thats me for today.
See ya tomorrow!!

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