Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 64 - Domesticity Again!!!!

Been busy scrapping again last night. Really happy with the result!! Might submit it i think!! This was me and Stu at Jimmy Barnes... great night out!!!
This is todays photo - day 64!!! This is me in my domestic duties. Had to iron today. Very boring! Watched Wild Hogs DVD while i was doing though and that was good. Great Movie. My husband is actually a mid life crisis biker!!! He reacons he is just going back to what made him happy when we met. Which is true!! Good on him I think.........
I dont know what habit or quirk to talk about today. I think i have covered them all...... Oh, there is one.....
When there isnt a word for something, or i dont know the word to disccribe something - I will make one up!!! This can be terribly annoying and sometimes very funny but most times it just makes me sound stupid!!!

Check out this photo - notice the daughter with the enormous attitude in the back seat!! This explains everything in one go at the moment!!!
On a much more pleasant note..... here is our gorgeous bunny again.... so cute. She wants a cuddle....

This photo is how i spent the afternoon. Waiting in line at Ag-quip to get into pick up gas bottles........ Very boring.... I picked the kids up first, they werent happy at all with the waiting!! Probably hence the photo of emelia and her hand gestures!!!! LOL
Thats day 64.... see ya tomorrow. Im scrapping now - on a roll of double layouts lately!! Great way to get through my piles and piles of photos!!!


kerry said...

Well miss Jodi i need you to come over and check my blog out i have nominated you as a rockin blogger girl so come and get your little icon,and join me in the joy.
take care Kerry xo

kerry said...

Jodi don't forget to pay it forward and also nominate two more girls for the rokin blogger and link the rokin blogger back to my site.I forgot to tell you this.I haven't even thought about the guest dt at cyberscraps i'm better under the pump so i will get to doing something in a couple of weeks.Don't stress what will be will be.I have applied for three dt's this month and i am waiting on answers.Never know if you don't enter.take care Kerry xo


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