Sunday, August 5, 2007

This weekends Class - Hamblin Mini Album

This is an album that i made over the weekend as part of an on-line retreat at Crafting In Style. It was great fun and i am so please that I got this album finished. This is my son in his first couple of years. He says he cant remember anuthing about being a baby, so I decided to make this album on all his favorites.

Favorite time of the days was Bathtime with Dad

Favorite food was anything he couls feed himself and spagetti bolognaise

Favortire toy with out a doubt is his lego. he loved it and has $1000 worth of it now in the shed!!! lol

Favorite song was Achy Breaky Heart!!! True!!

Favorite pet was Matey Boy out too full of beans fox terrior that unfortunatly had to go when the kids got older as he would bite them and eat all their toys and run away ll the time. Very frustrating dog!! Lovely as a pup but!!!

FAvorite place to be was ontop of dads shoulders!!

Favorite thing to do was help dad renovcate the house

Your Hero was Gary. You loved to watch his race his bike and would sit on dads shoulder with arms in the air saying Go Gary Go!!!

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Brenda said...

You are too clever!!! Can't wait to see it up close and maybe scraplift a few ideas off it! Sometimes boys are really hard to scrap but you have done a beautiful job congrats!!!!

kerry said...

Jodi this is a georgeous book i love mini albums my fav scrap thing to do.I just struggle with coming up with how to scrap them.


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