Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Day 48 - Archery Habits

I was out the back today shooting my bow to get ready for an invitational shoot this weekend, trying to come up with a habit for todays photo.

So as I was preparing and making sure I had my "archery earings" in and then putting on my "archery shoes" - I thought "Ok, wheres the camera!!!" I know what i will take.
Try taking these photos by yourself - took me about 6 goes to get the timing right!!

Anyway, here i am taking a shot. I have to have the right earings on. These ones are my rose gold hoops. Notice I have the knuckle of my finger hitting my earing? thats how i know that i have my arm pulled back to the right position. Part of archery is making sure your form in consistant - so i use my earing as an indicator that i have pulled and anchered back to the right spot.

Another little thing that i have to do to make sure i am shooting consistant it to wear the right shoes. These ones in the photo. Boy, have these guys been round the bglock a few times!!!
And now for the cute photo of the day. This is littel pancakes with my baby boy Josh. Pancakes is so cute. He nearly comes to the whistle now and he loves nothing better than to stop his playing for a quick cuddle. If he wants some effection and your igoring him, he will scratch at your feet to lift him up. How cute is he??

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