Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 66 - Time for Drinkies

It was time to clean out the shed or "Studio" prior to wedding season starting next weekend!!!
Talk about biting of more than i can chew. This is another idiosyncracy of mine..... I do think things through - but sometimes i just dont see the big picture and get a bit lost. What was supposed to take an afternoon took 2 days. And goodness knows how many garbage bags later!!! Im such a horder. I had to be tough on myslef and if i havnt used it in 2 years its going!!!!
So now Ima exsausted and my feet ache and by but muscles ache. I know tomorrow my shoulders will ache and so will my back!! SO I think it might be time for a little drinkies....
Then I shall be rewarding myself with some scrapbooking..... something different for a change.... LOL
Seeya tomorrow!!


Sharai said...

lol yes drinkies nice. Been doing that myself tonight nice bottle of coonawarra Red.
Take it easy tomorrow you will feel it. Scrap day tomorrow I think lol


Brenda said...

I think I could do with one of those drinkies!!!!


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