Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day 63 - Aq-Quip Shopping Time

Boy wasnt it hard to get this photo - the first two had Mum looking like some weird person!!! Its not a good photo of me, but its not as bad as the others of Mum!!
Anyway, here we are out at Ag-Quip. Dusty old hot place it is. Still a bit muddy at the sides and in the tents, but with the amount of traffic, the roads have dried up ok.
Im trying to think of a quirk I havnt told you about yet..... I think Impulsiveness!! This one would be a huge one!!!
If i see something i like - i buy it!!! Because when you go looking for something in particular you can never find it!!
Like today for instance. I found this gorgeous Blouse at Ag-Quip and bought it.. So nice.... Then saw a gorgeous freshwater pearl necklace in greens and blues that would match nicely, so I bought it and some lovely ziconia earings - big ones - that matched nicely - so i bought them too........ Now, its not that we have no money for food until pay day which is the middle of next month!!!! But I wont have any money for the lovely prima flowers i saw on ebay!!!! Damn!!! Oh well, first in best dressed!!! And looks damn good in her new clothes i must say!!! lol

As usual, there were the weird and wonderful out at Ag-Quip. This giant tool box come clothes shop i though was marvellous!!!

This outdoor setting. WOW!!! These are recycled tins. The table there is an esky. You can take the top off, or there is a hole in the middle to put your hand in. I thought they we wonderful!! And only..... wait for it.......$1400 for this set and $1600 for the bar stool version!!!! Great to have in the backyard!!!

So thats my day 63...... Well, what i can share anyway. Usual teenage daughter worries - but thats whole other issues isnt it.........

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kerry said...

Hey Jodi good to see you spending money on yourself rather than scrapping supplies.I did a bit of each yesterday on me then on scrapbooking as well.take care Kerry by the way i will get around to the tag thingy soon lol.

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