Thursday, January 4, 2007

One of those days!!

Today has been one of those days you would rather forget.
With the droubt and all, I have been thinking about seeking employment outside my current two businesses. Dont know when i would fit it in however.
I applied for a job at the Post Office - part time - no biggy. Made the short list and had to go in today for a phychometric test........ I thought at 4.00pm. No, it was 2.00pm, of which i realised at 2.30pm!!! Bumma!!
But luckily they have scheduled another test for me Monday. What an introduction though, too stupid to even get the time right - what hope do i have??
I should just stick to blowing up balloons i think!!

Other than that, Its been a nice day. Had coffee with a lovely friend this morning, and got my washing and ironing done. My daughter and mum did all the waching while i was coffeeing. So that was a bit of cheating!!

So, as boring as it is, thats my day. After tea me and Stu will walk to the lookout takes about 1.15hrs. Then I am going to sit down infront of my computer, put the tv on it and scrap all night!! Go to my happy place - sounds wonderful doesnt it... I think so!!!

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